19 October 2013

Another Birthday and A New Beggining

Happy birthday to Juli over at Surviving Boys, a kindred spirit in home renovations and raising children (though she does it a hell of a lot better than I do!)

In my world...

I started a new job this week, I took the plunge and re-entered the corporate world.

My first day, I walked into reception at the new office, which looked like this:

Having been retrieved from the abysmally depressing lobby, I entered the office space... row upon row of cubicles. 72, to be exact. 72 cubicles. If that's not corporate hell, I don't know what is. I haven't been in a cubicle since 1999, when I traded that cubicle life for management positions that allowed me my own offices. So it's something of a shock to be back in this environment. I have to listen as co-workers chat on their phones, click away on their keyboards, cough, sneeze, and sniffle.

I was hired on (unbeknownst to the rest of the office) to see determine why they lack motivation and productivity, and to improve (at the very least) their work results, as well as this particular office's relationship with a major client (who is ready to give them the boot).

It's going to be a challenge, to say the least. I am there at the lowest rung of the corporate ladder, given nothing to enact or effect changes, except what I can produce myself. I need to both "fix" the staff and save the contract with the major client.

I've been pegged as corporate management's "newest rising star", and this is my proving ground.

If I'm not successful, well, I imagine I'll be spending a great deal of time in CubicleHell.

On the upside, I just turned another year older, and this was my birthday present. Should help offset the drudgery, yes?

Man not included, unfortunately.

So whether or not I'm successful in my work challenge, it's back to work for me. Boats are a labor of love and money... Can't have one, if you don't have the others!


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    1. Its a challenge, and I'm not confident I'll be successful, but I've got nothing to lose, really. If at the end it doesn't work out, well... I just chalk it up to a learning experience. Right?

  2. Holy hell! We are birthday buddies! :)

    now... where's my boat? :)

    I have never had to work in a cubicle... unless you count the mail truck... which is more of a human easy bake oven on wheels (in the summer) ... so except for being square, I guess isn't much like a cubicle at all. Good luck!

  3. May I respectfully suggest that the cubicle hell and arguably the world's most depressing lobby as a definite contribution to the lack of motivation (unless of course mortuary chic is a thing now, I'm not up on my interior design fads)? Perhaps a lick of paint and a day of smashing up cubicle walls with sledgehammers might help. The boat, on the other hand, looks fabulous.

  4. I'm with Sarahf, that cubicle hell would depress the keenest worker! That plus a lack of natural light. Are they pressed for space or something?

    I thought cubicles had gone out with the ark, proven to reduce productivity because everyone hates working in them so much. Treat people like automatons and they'll pay it back in shitloads. :)

  5. Get at 'em girlie, I know there is nothing you can't do

  6. So I'm not sure how you're supposed to accomplish your task if you have no tools? You're giving feedback?
    Otherwise... Happy Boathday to you!

  7. Obviously I'm catching up here. Of course you can knuckle down and do the (cubicle) nasty! It would be fun to make daily comparisons to scenes from the movie "Office Space" in your head - blog fodder for days, I'm sure. "Someone's got a case of the Mondays!" xo