26 November 2013

Fun times... (not really)

Hell of a couple weeks.

I've been in court twice in the past two weeks, defending myself against the exhusband who is attempting to change custody. He's trying to convince the judge that he, the non-involved father, the ex husband who was arrested for (continued)domestic violence FIVE years after we divorced, is a better parent than I. And the judge is falling for the whole "I'm rehabilitated and my soul is saved" shit, hook, line and sinker. The kicker is, the ex isn't actually asking to spend time with the kids, he's just wanting to change the definition of custody to "joint" in name only, so that he gets out of child support.

Fun times....

Work? Well, I'm holding up my end of the bargain and have improved productivity in the office. Morale still sucks, and it will continue to do so. Because management above me have created and continue to make it a negative environment, as well as totally reneging on the deal they made with me. On the upside, most everyone has warmed up to me in the office and I don't loathe the idea of going in. That's a plus, right?

Fun times...

The holidays are upon us, and with it the obligatory family functions. The boyfriend will be meeting the family for the first time... without the benefit of alcohol-infused warm fuzzy feelings, because of course, the ultra religious parents and siblings don't drink.

Fun times....

So come Friday morning, you'll probably find me curled up in bed, hugging a cup of Bailey's and refusing to face the world for as long as I can possibly avoid it! And if I'm not in bed, I'll be down on the boat. As much as the rest of my world is crazy, it's always good on the water, and I feel damn lucky for that.

Now... if only I could sleep.


  1. Oh honey... at least he doesn't actually want the kids physically... THAT could be really bad. Your child support must work different there, because here, regardless of what it says, if the kids reside with you (as in their official address for doctors and schools as is now mandated by the new 911 laws) he still has to pay. It may be less, but he still has to subsidize in some way.

    Glad that work is a bit better, and if the boyfriend can't handle the family, well then he's not the one. :) Tell him to toughen up, and hit the run cake later. :)

    I hear ya on the sleeping thing... with the kidneys, stones, back, and blah blah.... our sleep number bed can't come soon enough. (Tomorrow!!! SQUEEE!!!)


  2. That would be RUM cake... not run... although running with rum cake could be a great 5k...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving bisous to you! xoxo

  4. I feel you also on the "curled up in bed" thing. Here's wishing you a a beautiful day ... even if it is Bailey's soaked. Cheers ~