10 January 2014


Did anyone ever play Whack-A-Mole as a child? You know the game, the one where moles pop up randomly and erratically, and you're supposed to bop them on the head before they disappear back into their holes?

This is my office.

There's 107 cubicles here. 107! And throughout the day, people pop their heads up and look around, before ducking back into their cubicle hole. 

I am soooo tempted to buy a huge inflatable bat and start bopping people over the head. I have to do something to alleviate boredom here, right?!


  1. I worked at Yahoo! for 6 1/2 years and I remember thinking the same thing. It was like little prairie dogs peeking up out of their holes...

  2. It strikes me that working in these conditions must be in violation of human rights legislation....cruel and unnatural punishment also comes to mind.

  3. That would be AWESOME!!! You could hand out prizes and everything! We have over 50 cases at work. Same thing, but the "walls" extend up over our heads about a foot. Back in the day we had case extension "wings" that would swing back and forth. Sometimes I'd close myself in and pretend I was in a large cardboard box like when I was little. It was all fun and good until the boss peeked her head in.