30 May 2014

Back in the Saddle, err..Airline Seat... Again

Life has reverted to what was "normal" for me when I started this blog all those years ago... All work, all the time, and constant travel. The major difference is that I now get to "work" from home when I'm not traveling. As if that's even a remote possibility in a small house with 3 kids and a large dog underfoot? Whoever decided that telecommuting was a brilliant idea was obviously single, childless and had a goldfish as a pet. Because in any other situation, it Just. Doesn't. Work.

Fortunately for me, I get to travel and get away from the hellions relax for work sometimes. And sometimes travel and relax not for work. For example, this time next week I'll be on my way to Germany. The current man booked us this trip about a year ago, shortly after we started dating. Um, optimistic, anyone?

Anywho... here it is, now upon us. Two weeks of cruising the river Rhone, and me acquainting myself with German wines, seeing as I'm not so much a beer drinker. That is, in between conference calls for work and online video meetings. While June seemed a lovely month for a couple weeks in Europe, coming fresh on the heels of starting a new job may not have been the best timing. And workaholic that I am, I am feeling guilty about taking time off (although it must be noted that the new job came with a generous amount of vacation days. You'd think it's a French company or something.)

So while I have cute photos of old couples sitting side by side in wheelchairs holding hands in the airport...


and Scorpion Bowls and inappropriate shenanigans with my sister on our not-so-coincidentally coinciding work trips to exotic Phoenix... 

That's a LOT of yummy rum

I'll won't bore you with those... I'll wait to bore you with pictures from what will sure to be a scandalous and eyebrow-raising trip. Did I mention it's a retirement cruise line? For his parents' 50th anniversary? With his family? No? 

Bet you're jealous now, aren't you? A two week vacation with the boyfriend and his whole family. On a small boat. And did I mention they don't drink? Not to worry... I do.

Rieslings, here I come!


  1. I have fish. You'd think they'd be easy, but today in an effort to show their enthusiasm for my feeding them, two almost jumped completely out of the tank when I lifted the lid, splashing my face, my shirt, the side of the tank, and the floor.


    I should have had fried snapper for dinner.

  2. Helen Devries30 May, 2014 17:23

    Just don't start singing O du wonderschoner deutsche Rhein....it has 'connotations'...
    I envy you the trip...not so sure about the family...

  3. Germany - must go back. Have a lovely time - and of course, some lovely wine! Cheers ~

  4. Arghhhh, you were in Phoenix and you didn't even call!!!

  5. Juli- Why do they always jump? It's like they do it on purpose!

    Helen- I like the brothers, but that's two weeks in close quarters. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Val- I'm looking forward to the wine! Cheers!

    Mrs. Tuna- I found a tiki bar downtown (where we had that huge drink bowl), but heard there's a good pizza place, Oregano's?

  6. I've been told that enough Riesling can cure just about anything...so bottoms up and have a fantastic trip!

  7. I predict that you are going to drink a lot. A LOT. Lord knows I would. Bon voyage! :)

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