08 June 2014

Game On, Young WhipperSnappers!

I'm on a retirement-age river cruise in Europe to celebrate the boyfriend's parents 50th anniversary, with the boyfriend and his 3 brothers (and their assorted girlfriends). We girlfriends and  siblings are the only guests under 70 on the ship.

Tonight, in the lounge after dinner, an older gentlemen next to us orders a Créme de Menthe on the rocks as a digestif. Seeing the look of horror on one of the brothers' face, he challenges the brother to try it. 

Challenge accepted.

Another Créme de Menthe is served. The brother swiftly tossed it back. His opinion, delivered with a charming grin and laughter?

"These old people are going to fuck us up!"

The old gentleman laughed, and replied, "Challenge accepted!"

The piano player breaks out into a Michael Jackson song, and the dance floor fills up with geriatric dancers moonwalking and busting a move.

Game on, young whippersnappers, game on.


  1. Is all the food beige? If so, the Big Tuna would die a happy man.

  2. Geriatrics moondancing! Bring on the Riesling!

    1. Riesling is flowing in copious amounts tonight. One of the brothers eloped last night in Vienna. The remaining three are now under pressure...

  3. Tony wants to go on the 80's Monsters Of Rock cruise this year.

    I keep telling him I have no interest in going on a retirement cruise... but now...

  4. I just read your comment and mentioned the 80s cruise to the boyfriend, and his immediate response was, "I've looked into that, it looks awesome!"

    Oh boy...