11 July 2014

Back To Reality

 ♪♫♪♫...  Back to life, back to reality...   ♪♫♪♫ 

Europe was great, but it's back to reality for me.

Meaning 2 children and 1 hellion spawned by Jekyll and Hyde, masquerading as a teenager, home ALL THE TIME. It's summer holidays, and every morning the day starts with... "I'm bored. What can we do today?" before they've even finished breakfast. In between fielding conference calls, laundry, being a short order cook, and actually trying to work, the children's incessant pestering is driving me bonkers.

My sister was in Phoenix for work last week, so out of desperation I squeezed all the children and their associated piles of crap in the car and road-tripped to see her. There's a "water park" resort in Phoenix, close to the office, so my sis and I booked adjoining rooms and crossed our fingers that I'd make it there with sanity intact.

Hours driving to Phoenix: 4
Hours made it before the teen started complaining: 0.25
How many times I got lost: 1
How many times I wanted to tell the kids to get lost: 672
Bottles of wine waiting in the room: 1
Bottles of wine needed by the time I arrived: Screw the wine, where's the vodka?

Once we arrived though, and I got settled by the bar pool with my laptop, the kids disappeared into the water play areas and it went fairly smoothly. Days spent with only the occasional grumble by the kids, relaxing and catching up with my sister in the evenings while the kids veg'd out in front of the TV, and unusually cool weather for the desert.

Working poolside

All in all, it was great.

And then we had to come home, as my bank account has been complaining more loudly than the children recently... sigh.


  1. At least you can teleconference. I still haven't figured out how to deliver the mail from home. Although don't think I haven't considered one of those bank tube-y things to each mailbox... julianna.survivingboys@gmail.com

    I am attempting to work 4 day weeks using a "sick day" for doctors appointments. Not gonna lie, they are helping, but really aren't enough. good news, so far is no surgery and no cancer. Bad news? More/new meds and waiting... which does nothing for the pain. I lost your email, drop me a HI! if you're interested in the whole story so far...

    1. I dropped you a Hi! And yes, I got extremely lucky with this work from home job, even on days when the kids make me want to run away and hide. For the most part, they're pretty good, and Littlest is the biggest help there is. I'm just struggling with the teen's never ending massive mood swings. If you can call "Hating Everyone" to "Just Hating Mom" a mood swing. :)